PSX Signs Agreement with 1LINK 1BILL to Launch E-IPO System

An agreement was signed between Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) and 1LINK to launch the new payment and registration system by PSX. This new payment and registration system will support digitally transforming the Initial Public Offering (IPO) process through an E-IPO system.

The E-IPO system will electronically connect investors, share registrars with brokers/TRE Certificate holders, banks via 1LINK, and the shares custodial company, Central Depository Company (CDC), on a real-time basis with a simplified end-to-end customer experience.

At the signing ceremony, Mr. Farrukh H. Khan, MD & CEO Pakistan Stock Exchange, said, “The new E-IPO system from PSX is a significant development in the digitalization of the IPO process. This system will transform the entire IPO process. It is a much-needed system confirming the ways business is carried out in the digital era. PSX is determined to take the lead and bring the capital market in line with global trends and international standards by connecting investors, share registrars, brokers, banks, gateway firms like 1LINK, and the shares custodians, CDC, in providing a fast, efficient, and conducive experience for all participants of the IPO process.”

Mr. Mahmood Siddiqui, Chief Information Officer at PSX, speaking about the new E-IPO system, said, “The new E-IPO system is an end-to-end digitalized experience for all market participants of the IPO process. It is a tremendous step forward for the capital market of Pakistan, enabling revolutionary swiftness and efficiency in conducting an IPO through the digital realm and the internet.”

Speaking at the occasion, CEO 1LINK, Mr. Najeeb Agrawalla, said, “In a fast-changing and fluid environment, which increasingly needs interoperability and efficient payment solutions on all fronts, 1LINK 1BILL is helping pave the way towards digitization and economic growth. The recent circumstances induced by the pandemic have increased the importance for a robust digital payment ecosystem and 1LINK – PSX alliance is yet another step towards facilitating customers and enhance the investor’s outreach.”

    Courtesy: Pro Pakistani

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