Amazon to Open Seller’s Registration for Pakistani Companies Soon

Technological transformation has changed global commerce. Online market places with maximum traffic and consumer bases have become giants because of their consumer-centric approach to the delivery of services.

Global connectivity with major markets is possible for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) through a seller’s registration program.

Amazon will soon open the sellers’ registration of Pakistani companies with the efforts of the Ministry of Commerce, the Pakistan Embassy in Washington DC, and Los Angeles. The Ministry of Commerce has been working on this matter for a year.

A pilot project was initiated with the help of the Pakistani Embassy in America, etc. The National e-Commerce Council (NeCC) had been instrumental in taking the issue forward as all the public sector organizations were represented there. All the work began after the e-commerce policy was approved by the Cabinet at the end of 2019.

Although Pakistani products are already sold on Amazon as it has a good manufacturing base for textile, sports, leather, and surgical goods, Pakistan has not been on Amazon’s list of sellers, and companies had to register from their offices outside Pakistan or produce for other brands available on Amazon.

The major difference after being added to the sellers’ list will be that Pakistani companies will be able to create IDs using their Pakistani details, including Pakistani banks.

The SMEs youth and women entrepreneurs will now have greater opportunities to connect with the global market. The new era of the e-commerce boom for Pakistan will start to promote more Pakistani businesses and brands as they will be able to access all major markets through Amazon.

Amazon makes almost $300 to $400 billion in sales every year. The addition of Pakistan to its list of sellers will create new export opportunities. Amazon’s 3P model serves brand owners, and the 1P model is for mass producers who want to produce Amazon brand items. Some Pakistani companies are already selling on Amazon but now Pakistan’s inclusion in the list will increase the opportunities for the SMEs.

The NeCC decided to form a focused group that will meet either once or twice a month to address all sorts of challenges, including those in logistics and warehousing, etc. to make Amazon a successful platform for the selling of Pakistani products to the world.

Private sector logistics companies have the opportunity to scale up businesses and develop international partnerships to making logistics perform for effective delivery. PakPost is also automating and preparing itself for parcel deliveries.

This is also a business opportunity for marketing service providers to develop Pakistani brands, content, and quality pictures for Pakistani sellers. The Intellectual Property Organization has also been brought on board to speed up the brand registration process.

Amazon is a consumer-centric marketplace, which is why customers’ reviews and their satisfaction level are extremely important. B2C and B2B2C cross-border e-commerce is a new form of business that will become now popular in Pakistan.

Speaking about Amazon, the Adviser to the Prime Minister on Commerce, Razzak Dawood, said, ‘’Pakistan is about to enter a new era of e-commerce, Amazon will give the boost to Pakistan’s e-commerce landscape. It will provide SMEs platform to export in the global market. Thousands of jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities will be created. Our philosophy is to promote ‘Make in Pakistan’. I want to thank all my colleagues who helped us in achieving this milestone’’.

Dawood chaired the fifth meeting of the NeCC on 6 May 2021. The NeCC is a body of representatives from the public and private sectors that was constituted in line with the directions of the National e-Commerce Policy of Pakistan, 2019. This meeting was attended in person by the authorities of the Ministry of Commerce and online by all the notified members of the NeCC from the public and private sectors. The agenda of the meeting included three e-commerce policy pillars — global connectivity, logistics, and taxation.

The Pakistani Ambassador to the USA, Dr. Asad Majeed, also attended the NeCC meeting and shared the favorable progress made with Amazon and highlighted the importance of focusing on creating awareness among the SMEs.

The successful overseas sellers on Amazon who are already registered and selling Pakistani products have also agreed to hold awareness sessions for Pakistani sellers to train and facilitate them.

Courtesy: Pro Pakistani

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